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Carolina Covenant

March 29, 2010

“When we consider the word and promises of a compassionate God to the poor lost family of Adam, we find the strongest encouragement for Christians to pray in faith – to ask in the name of Jesus for the conversion of their fellow men.

None ever went to Christ when on earth, with the case of their friends, that were denied, and, although the days of His humiliation are ended, yet, for the encouragement of his people, He has left it on record, that where two 0r three agree upon earth to ask in prayer, believing, it shall be done. Again, whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 

With these promises before us, we feel encouraged to unite our supplications to a prayer-hearing God for the outpouring of His Spirit, that His people may be quickened and comforted, and that our childeren, and sinners generally, may be converted.

Therefore, we bind ourselves to observe the third Saturday of each month, for on year, as a day of fasting and prayer for the conversion of sinners in Logan county, and throughout the world.  We also engage to spend one half hour every Saturday evening, beginning at the setting of the sun, and one half hour every Sabath morning, from the rising of the sun pleading with God to revive His work.”

Resource:  Boles, John B., The Great Revivals:  The Beginnings of the Bible Belt, University of Kentucky Press, p 47-48.


Great Revival 1800-1804

March 29, 2010

Written by Katrina Parnell, CSPA Prayer Researcher

  • 1796 – Presbyterian Pastor, James McGready of Guilford Co., NC is threatened by assassins and moves to Logan Co., KY aka “Devil’s Den”
  • 1796“Carolina Covenant” signed by hundreds of people, mostly in NC, to pray & fast monthly for revival in Logan Co., and the world
  • 1797 – Revival breaks out in Green River, KY,  camp meetings are born; up to 30,000 people gather in Cane Ridge, KY in 1801
  • 1799 – Intercessors hear reports of KY move, earnestly pray for NC
  • 1800 – Revival breaks out in NC chasracterized by strong responses to Holy Spirit – ‘exercises’; jerking, weeping, dancing, slain in Spirit, etc.
  • 1800 – 1804 – Major camp meetings throughout Piedmont with up to 10,000 people; Unity between Baptists, Methodists & Presbyterians
  • 1804 – Local revival wanes because of disunity & strife.   From 1790 – 1840, however, known as the Second Great Awakening of the Nation.